2017/07/02-07/14 Germany Trip

I traveled German Fairy Tale Route and Saxon Swiss mountains. I traveled Germany many times during X’mas market season, this is the first time traveled to Germany in Summer. Because I wanted to visit Saxon Swiss for mountain hike & I wanted to see Water Game @Wilhelmshuhe Castle Park.

2017/07/02 Hanau

I traveled to Hanau where Grimm brothers were born. I saw musical “Fisherman & his wife”, it was so much fun.


2017/07/03 Steinau

I traveled to Steinau where Grimm brothers spend their childhood. There is Grimm Brother’s Museum where they lived. My son picked me up at Hanau hotel and drove to his house in Gotha.


2017/07/04 Marburg

I traveled to Marburg where Grimm brothers studied Marburg university. I visited Elisabeth Church, Old Town Hall, Castle.


2017/07/05 Leipzig

I traveled to Leipzig first time and visited Stazi Museum, Contemporary History Museum, Cafe Baum where many musician visited, and had lunch @Auerbachs Keller which started in 1525. I saw Mephisto attraction during lunch.


2017/07/06-07/08 Saxon Swiss

I and my son took train to Kurort Rathen and stayed there for two nights, visited Bastei Bridge, climbed Rundweg mountain. We enjoyed mountain hike for three days.


2017/07/09 Kassel

We traveled to Kassel where Grimm brothers spent time for publishing many books. We saw Water Game attraction @Wilhelmshohe, World Heritage Castle park. I visited Grimm Welt, Grimm Platz.


2017/07/10 Documenta in Kassel

Luckily “Documenta” was held during our visit which will be held in every five years. We saw many modern art exhibits.


2017/07/11-07/13 Bremen

We traveled to Bremen where is famous place for “Musician in Bremen” fairy tale. We joined City Hall guided tour which is the world heritage, Bettcher Street, Schnoor Street, Paula Becker’s Museum.


2017/07/13 Worpswede

We traveled to Worpswede where Paula & Otto lived and started art work. This is artist historical village you can visit museums & you can see art works. We visited Paula Becker’s museum, The Barkenhoff, Zion’s Church, Paula’s grave.