What is Soshoku ?

Soshoku(素食) = Plain (simple) Diet

Since the Kamakura era (1185-1333) in Japan, the word Soshoku(素食) has come to mean “frugal meal” in the Zen temple. A Sample menu is “One soup with one side dish and rice.”

Over time, Soshoku(素食) became the general home diet in Japan and led to the establishment as of the traditional Japanese diet.

Now we need to prevent getting diseases associated with the eating habit of western culture. Japanese Soshoku(素食) is recognized as the balanced healthier diet and will help to prevent lifestyle diseases.

Because Soshoku(素食) is low-fat and high-fiber diet which will help followings;

–         To take out the bodily waste, to enhance good blood circulation

–         To enhance the weight loss, to prevent the over weight

–         To lower the blood-sugar level

–         To lower the cholesterol level

–         To lower the blood pressure

–         To lower the level of neutral fat

Original Sample “Soshoku” menu looks like this

One soup/One side dish/cup of rice


Soshoku example








(Example) by Wikipedia


Motoko learned that healthy homemade diet is the basic for healthy life from her mother in the course of nature when she grew up with her mother’s healthy homemade diet in Tokyo, Japan. It was fascinating to her that such simple ingredients like soy beans; salt, fermented rice could be transformed into such a tasty Japanese seasoning/miso. Since then, she has enjoyed making all kinds of Japanese/Asian cuisine and has decided to dedicate her life to this passion.

She is the cooking instructor at Deborah’s Palm, Akiyama Wellness Center, and San Jose community center, also instructed cooking classes at Macy’s . She grows organic vegetables, cooks fresh organic vegetables from vegetable garden to the kitchen.


Certified Food Protection Manager,

Author, Healthy “Soshoku” Cook Book





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